Photograph, left to right: Judge Michael T. Clark, Judge Gina R. Force, Joelyssa M. Johnson, Esq., President Judge Thomas M. Bianco; front, Katrina M. Kayden, Esq.


The Indiana County Bar Association is proud to announce the opening of the Children’s Room on Floor 4M of the Indiana County Courthouse. The Room on Floor 4M was converted from a storage space in the courthouse to a location where children can play, read or otherwise pass the time during a Custody Mediation Conference or other court based visits. The decoration of the Room was done using Indiana County Bar Association funds and by the hard work of Joelyssa M. Johnson and Katrina M. Kayden, two members of the Bar. A special thank you goes to President Judge Thomas M. Bianco, the County Commissioners and their maintenance workers, and the Family Law Committee for help and support in this project.